Industrial Farense

….since 1944

Industrial Farense was born in November 1944, in the city of Faro, at the hands of its founder, Vítor Neves. Currently, the company is managed by Isaurindo Chorondo, Angelina Chorondo Martins and Eliana Chorondo.

At the time of its creation, Industrial Farense was mainly dedicated to the manufacture of animal feed. With the market demand for carob seed derivatives intensified, Industrial Farense then adapted its production to transform the seed of this fruit into two of its derivatives – Gum and Germ.

The constant demand in the international derivatives market made the company start its internationalization process. Today, the company exports to more than a dozen countries.

At the beginning of the 90s, Industrial Farense joined Chorondo & Filhos, Lda., a company with a strong local presence among producers. This way, Industrial Farense works exclusively with endogenous raw material, which makes our products of high quality.

Industrial Farense, with over 75 years in the market, is one of the world’s major references in the production of Locust Bean Gum and Carob Germ.

The carob tree (Ceratonia síliqua L.) is a tree originally from the Mediterranean region, whose fruit is the carob. Portugal is one of the largest producers in the world.

– Vítor NevesFounder