Project Designation | Qualify INDUSTRIAL FARENSE

Project Code | ALG-02-0853-FEDER-034514

Main objective | Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Intervention Region | Algarve


Approval Date | 2017-11-20

Start date | 2017-12-13

Completion Date | 2020-12-11

Total Eligible Cost | € 202,758.58

Financial support from the EU | ERDF – € 91,241.36

National / Regional Public Financial Support (when applicable) | n / applicable

Objectives, activities and expected / achieved results |

The company INDUSTRIAL FARENSE LDA, founded in 1944, is dedicated to the production of gum and locust bean germ flour.

With the implementation of this qualification project, INDUSTRIAL FARENSE defines the objectives of transforming carob derivatives into products recognized by the world industry for their high quality, enabling the company to develop new products, reinforcing its international positioning and contributing to the enhancement of Carob value chain.

The project entitled “Qualifying a Industrial Farense”, framing the typologies of Digital Economy and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Development and engineering of products, services and processes and Quality, aims at training and affirming the company in the national and international markets, by strengthening laboratory capacities, investing in food safety management systems, creating and promoting a website with several functionalities.